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Punch! Home & Landscape Design Studio v22 - Windows

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series v22 - Windows


Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series version 22 is the ultimate home design software for professional architects, contractors, and designers. The Architectural Series is the perfect tool for interior design, renovation projects, home updates, landscape design, and so much more. The full-featured interior design suite, outdoor design tools along with enhanced drawing features, floor plans, brand name product libraries, and more make planning a renovation, remodel, or new construction project easier than ever.

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Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series Overview:

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series is a powerful home and landscape design program developed for the architect or designer who wants professional-level features, tools, and presentation capabilities. This complete home update and landscape design software suite combines the most materials, tools, textures, furnishings, accessories, and photorealistic visualization that make architectural design projects a stunning reality. Quickly update or design entire homes and commercial buildings; renovate, redecorate, remodel, landscape; create outdoor living spaces, decks, patios, pools and get fast, professional results with the user-friendly interface. This Architectural Series includes thousands of kitchen and bathroom accessories, paints, lighting, objects, and tips for "Building Green" with green objects and materials for eco-friendly construction.

  • Design, remodel and renovate homes, commercial buildings, landscaping, outdoor living spaces, decks, patios, and pools with Punch! Home & Landscape Design software.

  • Easy to use interface, design tools, and drawing methods, along with professionally designed 3D Home Plans and thousands of materials, paints, objects, furniture, and accessories provide a better home designing experience.

  • Create kitchen, baths, and landscapes with professional designer-quality layouts, materials, paint, and furnishings that you can drop into your home design projects.

  • Includes how-to video tutorials, a user forum, and technical support to provide help when needed.

Exclusive Architectural Features:

  • New Photo Rendering Engine

  • Sheet Layout Mode

  • New options for railing, decks and stairs.

  • Fireplace Wizard

  • Ceiling Designer

  • Mantel Designer

  • Security System Tools

  • Window & Door Glass

  • Home Automation Tools

  • Home Theater

  • Misc Improvements

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series includes an integrated interactive help system to make finding and using the right tool fast and easy for professional or serious DIY home projects. It also comes with helpful training center video tutorials and free technical support to ensure the process is as enjoyable as it is efficient.

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  • New Photo Rendering Engine
  • Sheet Layout Mode
  • New options for railing, decks and stairs.
  • Window & Door Glass
  • Misc Improvements

Sheet Layout Mode

  • Layout mode allows you to build a presentation of your design into construction documents.
  • Set up multiple design views each using different scales and options.
  • Create a custom sheet set. Easily add or reorder pages.
  • Annotate layout sheet using variety of 2D cad tools, labels, schedules and dimensions.
  • Dimensions will automatically detect scale of a view and display correct measurement.
  • Title block page allows you to create a title block displaying borders, company and customer information, etc. The elements on the title block sheet will automatically be displayed on all sheets of your layout.
  • Print to scale on any paper size.
  • Wide range of print scales for individual views.
  •  Print individual sheet or entire layout at once to large format, home printer or pdf.

New options for railing, decks and staircases

  • 16 new railing styles. Offset spindles, glass, wire, composite, and custom material sections.
  • Create your own custom 3D post.
  • Unlimited railing styles.
  • Improved control over deck construction methods. Can now specify fascia height on decks, post width and height.
  • Option to set individual deck posts as support post that extend to ground.
  • Set post height for staircases.
  • Continuous hand rail flush over posts.
  • Additional material application options.

2D CAD Symbols

  • 1146 new 2D CAD symbols added to library.
  • Enhanced control over symbol groups such as snapping, grouping/ungrouping.

Glass Panes

  • Glass panes added to windows, doors, and skylights for more realistic look in standard rendering.
  • Photo rendering using glass effect that replicates real life double pane window glass characteristics

Photo Rendering Engine (LuxCore)

  • The new photo rendering engine is a physically based rendering (PBR) solution exploiting state-of-the-art algorithms that simulate the flow of light according to physical equations. Also introduced are a new set of physically based materials with parameters based on the optical properties of metals, glass, matte, glossy, and transparent surfaces.
  • PBR lighting and materials combine together to produce stunning images of photographic quality.
  • Improved rendering times with responsive interrupt. Customizable rendering settings lets you control draft and final rendering time limits. Quality results in minutes instead of hours.
  • Wide range of lighting options. Drag and drop light effects onto any surface to create custom lighting designs such as light bulbs, strip lighting, fireplaces, neon lights.
  • Gamma correction to help control brightness of the scene.
  • Exterior lighting includes HDRI, sunlight, and skylight.

Additional Improvements

  • Importing options – OBJ, PDF, Sketchup 2022
  • More control over text and font options.
  • Additional auto dimensioning options.
  • Added additional print scale options. 35 available scales (up from 4 Metric and 4 English).
  • Updated and modified shortcuts.
  • Adjusted zoom mechanics to try and create smoother zoom through range.
  • 3D Viewpoint - Shift key will now change view tilt in walkthrough & elevations in helicopter or aerial view.
  • Updated welcome screen.

Compare Two Images

Click and slide the blue slider to compare two images:

Punch software home design Punch software kitchen design Punch Software Home Decore

Four ways to start your project:

  • QuickStart - Drag & drop individual rooms to easily create your basic floor plan.

  • Professionally Designed Plans - -Need inspiration or an instant starting point? Utilize our editable house plans to fast track your design or browse them for room layout ideas.

  • Floor Plan Trace - -Trace a favorite floor plan, or use one you’ve sketched.

  • PhotoView - Take pictures of the inside or outside of an existing house and easily add design features and details.

Punch Software Home Design Options Punch software Interior Punch Software- Elevation View Window

Auto Roof Gable:

Instantly add gable roof panels

Punch Software-  Auto Roof Gable

Auto Framing:

Select metal, wood or custom framing options, including custom roofs, walls, and floor joists.

Auto Roof Gables and One Click Dormer Tool:

Instantly add gable walls and roof panels

Windows, Doors & Walls:

  • Select from an extensive library of door and window styles. Customize the size, grille style, and other parameters to fit your plan.

  • Use window and door designer power tools to create custom doors.

Add rooms and decorate with one mouse click!

  • Drag and drop room creation.

  • SmartWand™ technology adds paint or other material applications to a specific wall, room or your entire house with one mouse click.

Punch Software-Kitchen-and-Living-Room-Precision-Lighting

View in 2D, Elevation and Aerial:

2d2D 3D Aerial

Estimate Costs, Build a 3D model, Create Blue Prints:

Punch Software-  Cost Estimator



Punch Software KitchenLivingRoom Lighting Punch Software Living Room Punch Software Bedroom
Punch Software Bathroom Punch Software Basement Punch Software Office
Punch Software Object Library

Object Library:

Thousands of objects for every part of your design, inside or out. Remodel with new fixtures, lighting, ceiling fans, sinks, appliances and more.

Flooring Carpets & Rugs:

Try tile, carpet, wood, stone, and other materials including brand name, real-world products.

Furniture Showcase:

Add predesigned furniture groups with simple drag & drop. Easily arrange or edit your selections to suit your design.

Brand Name Product Libraries:

Thousands of possibilities! Faux finishes, interior and exterior paint, wood floors, solid surfaces, blinds, stone, and much more.Nationally-recognized decorating materials you can try before you buy.

Punch Software Brand Name Montage

Precision Lighting Planner:

Add functionality and drama to your design. Works with exterior and interior designs. Precision controls for ambient light, shadows, fall off, radius, and more. Drag & Drop landscape light fixtures.

Punch Software KitchenLivingRoom Lighting
Cabinet Designer

Cabinet Designer:

Customize your cabinets with shelving, pantries, drawers, and appliances. Also perfect for media centers, bathrooms and garage organization.

Storage Design

Gain more closet space by planning an inexpensive wire shelving system or layout a garage that makes the best use of space, yet keeps things organized and within reach. Drag & drop shelving, workbenches and cabinets are included in the library.

Fireplace Wizard and Mantel designer

Fireplace Wizard & Mantel designer power tools:

Punch! Fireplace Wizard walks you through the initial design process, then allows total customization of each feature.

Trim Designer to create custom trim profile:

Trim Designer not only allows you to save new trims for use in your Punch! drawings, it also has easy-to-use tools for organizing and managing trim libraries.

Ceiling Designer:

Automatically place a ceiling over an enclosure with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

2d2D 3D Aerial


Punch Software Home Design Landscape Punch Software Home Design Landscape Punch Software-Home Design Landscape
Site Planner and Topo Tools

Site Planner and Topo Tools:

Site-planner automatically draws your property line, as you enter the coordinates, then exports your lot into your landscape design. Add real-world topography to your building site. Trace over your topo lines. Automatically cuts or adds fill and building pad to your design.


Planting Library:

Includes a full selection of flowers, shrubs, and trees you can add to your design. You can also add your own favorite plants to the database!


  • PlantFinder™ searches plants for your area, using parameters you specify, ensuring growing success.

  • Sorting feature lets you select growing parameters, international zones, sunlight, climate, water, and soil conditions.

  • Photo-realistic images of real-world plants that can be viewed from any angle.

  • Color-coded zone maps make plant selection easy and foolproof.

Punch Software Plant Selection
Punch Software Plant Finder Punch Software Layer Punch Software plant import

Plant Growth:

Plan smart! Plan your design and see it grow over time. Perfect for previewing shade.

Punch Software Plant Growth Punch Software Plant Growth Punch Software Plant Growth
Punch Software Hardscapes


Build dramatic retaining walls that define and accent your home. Choose stone, brick, or other materials. Then add your plantings to finish the look.

Fence Designer:

Design fences with custom material, color, photos or even draw your own design.



Punch Software Deck and Patio Punch Software Deck and Patio 2 Punch Software Deck and Patio 3
Auto Edging & Planting Templates Auto Edging & Planting Templates Auto Edging & Planting Templates

Auto Edging & Planting Templates:

Zone specific plant groupings with simple drag & drop placement. A variety of shapes for freestanding, corners, and more.

Outdoor Living:

Turn a drab backyard into outdoor entertaining space with included objects for kitchens, fireplaces, furniture, and more. Add pavers, decks, and landscaping to your design.

Outdoor Living
Deck and Patio Templates

Deck and Patio Templates:

Predesigned, drag and drop, editable designs you can use as is or customize to your personal style!

Pool Designer

Pool Designer:

Draw from scratch, use and edit pre-drawn templates or let Pool Designer create your pool to your exact specs.

2D2D 3D3D AerialAerial

Design Phase Tabs:

Design Phase Tabs

Easy tabs organize your project into the foundation, floor, electrical, plumbing, roof, etc. creating all the steps needed for your design.

Object Library

NEW and Improved Object Library

  • Endless possibilities! Thousands of 2D and 3D objects to choose from! Choose entire furniture groupings with simple drag and drop
  • Choose from thousands of nationally recognized decorating materials including faux finishes, wood floors, countertops, blinds and much more!
  • Improved library is easier to use and faster to search.

Simple Drag and Drop Tools!

Add rooms, paint color, furnishings, landscape plantings and more!

3D Custom Workshop:

Build virtually any object or modify existing objects from the library. Use photo-realistic materials including wood, fabric, paint colors, stone, brick, and more.


Build Green

Build Green:

Go green in one click; watch your design go green with design tips and objects; recycled glass counter tops, bamboo flooring and more! Make your home more energy efficient with new appliances or update your windows, doors and more!

Punch software SmartWand Punch software SmartWand


SmartWand™ technology adds paint or other material applications to a specific wall, room, or your entire house, with one mouse click!

Cost Estimation and Mobile Landscaping Quote

Cost Estimation and Mobile Landscaping

Instant 2D/3D Views plus the ability to create templates for a 3D model of your design

Instant 2D Views Instant 3D Views

Print Blueprints of Your Designs

Punch Software Blueprints


Intuitive Interactive Help

Intuitive Interactive Help

Do it Yourself Tips

Includes hundreds of DIY how-to-tips from the experts

Symbol Editor & Section Detailer

Additional Professional architectural annotation tools.


  Architectural Series v22
Punch! Home Design Punch! Home Design Punch! Home Design Punch! Home Design
NEW! Layout Manager 2D/3D
NEW! Layout Manager 2D    
NEW! PhotoRender (LuxCore)    
NEW! Railing Styles 17 17 5 5
NEW! Custom Posts
NEW! 3D Plant Growth Slider
OBJ Import
Level Lines
Line Styles
Note Markers  ✓
Plan Labels  ✓
Window and Door
2D House Plans Included! 1000 500 250 250
Dozens of Bug Fixes & Usability Enhancements!

* Studio and Landscape Design versions have Standard Rendering of Cube Maps only

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System Requirements:

Windows® 11,10, 8, or 7. Intel® or compatible 1.0 GHz 64-Bit processor or higher (multi-core processor supported), 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB or more recommended, 3 GB of Hard Disk Space, VGA Video Card displaying at least 1024x768 with 32-bit color and Internet access required²