Singer Jimmy Buffett gave Encore Video Productions an exclusive preview of his summer concert tour, in a segment taped for TV's nationally syndicated Access Hollywood.

The Encore production crew traveled from its Myrtle Beach, (SC) studios to the North Charleston (SC) Coliseum, where Buffett and his band used the hall for rehearsal in a full concert set- up. The rehearsal included performances of many of Buffett's hit songs as well as selections from his release, Beach House on the Moon.

Encore producer Frank Payne conducted a 20-minute on-camera interview with the award-winning musician, songwriter and author. In addition to his famous musical career, Buffett is one of only six authors to reach the top of the New York Times bestseller list in both fiction and nonfiction.

"I had been warned that Jimmy is a little guarded with the news media. We were told the interview would last no more than ten minutes, and that we could tape only the first two songs of the rehearsal", said Payne. "But Jimmy was very cooperative, freely talked at length, and gave us permission to shoot as much of the rehearsal as we wanted."

The result was an Access Hollywood segment that gave Buffett's loyal "Parrothead" fans an exclusive preview of his summer concert tour, and a rare conversation with the man who created the magical land of Margaritaville.


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